Extra Large #JewelryPolishing Cloths Best for Brass, Silver, Gold and More

4 pack of 7.5" jewelry polishing cloths by Cornucopia Brands
These 7.5" polishing cloths by Cornucopia Brands are specifically designed to put a final after cleaning shine on your favorite metal items.
Although we had silver and brass metals in mind when we developed these cloths, their fleece construction has been perfect for every metal we have tested the Cornucopia Clothes on. No reason to use anything else, these put a great final shine on your metal item.

Just some items these are the perfect size and construction for use on:
-Gold and White Gold
-Plated Gold
-Much More

Many cloths have a pre-treatment for cleaning, and polishing. We chose to not pre-treat our cloths so buyers can use whichever polish they like best. When you are polishing items that are high value in either money or memories, you may not wish to just use whichever unnamed cleaner mass produced cloths are already treated with.
Many times these cleaners are great, and show no problems, but we would rather give you an virgin untreated cloth, and let you add your own polish. Just to be safe.

Extra Large Jewelry Polishing Cloths Best for Brass, Silver, Gold and More
$ 6.50 ships free w/Prime

Buy with confidence as we have taken time to develop our cloths to be what we believe are the highest standards. These un-treated cloths should give you years of polishing use. Simply pick the polish you trust, apply to your cloth, and polish with confidence. Great for using until it becomes ragged and worn out. With careful use should give you many years of perfect results.
Items will be received packed 4 in an easy to open plastic bag, perfect for long term storage.

Cali Julz says...
These jewelry polishing cloths are large and in charge measuring 7.5". The fleece construction makes them versatile for almost any metal! They don't pre-treat either, so I can use whichever polish I like...awesome! The cloths came in a plastic bag, great for storage.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I was given the above mentioned product free in exchange for my honest review. This post may contain affiliate linking.