Advanced Oral Probiotics #oralprobiotics

These Advanced Oral Probiotics were developed for you by a leading holistic dentist as a part of his mission to improve oral health for us all.
Our Powerful Probiotic Blend, unlike other oral probiotics, contains a full spectrum of 7 POTENT STRAINS of friendly bacteria to help promote FRESHER BREATH, HEALTHIER GUMS, FEWER CAVITIES AND IMPROVED EAR, NOSE AND THROAT HEALTH. This blend of oral Lactobacillus and Streptococcus friendly bacteria include the powerful BLIS K12 | BLIS M18 strains, which studies have shown to support improved health in the mouth as well as in the ear, nose and throat areas.

Advanced Oral Probiotics #oralprobiotics $28.95 ships free w/Prime
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Studies have shown that the overgrowth of bad bacteria in your mouth contributes to the development of gum disease, gingivitis, and periodontal problems. This abundance of bad bacteria creates a high level of acidity that eats away at your teeth and attacks your gums, promoting tooth decay and contributing to gum disease.
BAD BREATH TREATMENT: The main cause of icky morning breath, chronic halitosis and bad breath are the sulfur gases produced by bacterial overgrowth in your mouth, gums and tongue. Our powerful oral probiotics go to work to naturally combat the ÒbadÓ bacteria and to restore a fresher, more natural balance in your mouth.

Cali Julz says...
I had heard about the benefits of oral probiotics and decided these might be right for me. I have a mix of crowns and real teeth and sometime i just can't get a fresh mouth feel. I've been chewing one tablet before bed and one in the morning when I wake up, after I brush of course, and while it's been only a week, I can already start to notice fresher breath. The kid has been chewing as well, gotta start off on the right foot with good oral health! They have a peppermint like taste so its not a pain to chew them up instead of a pill you swallow. 

DRY MOUTH, TONSIL STONES AND IMMUNE SUPPORT: Our oral probiotics are effective for restoring saliva flow to a natural and healthy level, which is beneficial for both dry mouth and treating tonsil stones. Additionally, clinical studies have shown that the use of oral probiotics can boost your immune system and lower the incidence of ear, nose and throat infections-always a good thing!

Super EASY to use! Get started on Great Oral Health today!
Advanced Oral Probiotics #oralprobiotics $28.95 ships free w/Prime

In the spirit of full disclosure, I was given the above mentioned product free in exchange for my honest review.