@Walgreens @SimpleSkincare Program #simpleskin

Walgreens Beauty Advisor

@Walgreens @SimpleSkincare Program #simpleskin

OK, So off I go to my local Walgreens and spoke with the most helpful Beauty Advisor...We discussed what products they offer, what each does, frequency to apply products and after we were done I even got a coupon with the brochure to take home....

The products look to be natural, which is great, and are a pretty good price point...on avg $8 for the face wash/scrub and $13+ for moisturiser/treatments

Learn more about Simple by visiting them on the web http://www.simpleskincare.com/

They have a Community you can join or if your confused about anything in their ingredients list find out more in their Glossary of terms.

Or just get the FAQ's

I was one of the lucky members of SheSpeaks who was given a sample product. It was the full size Smoothing Facial Scrub by SimpleSkin. I am excited to try this product out. Once I do, I will review and post....Stay tuned...


Smoothing Facial Scrub by SimpleSkin is a really nice product. Per the directions I wet my face and squeezed out the scrub then proceeded to get my exfoliation ON!!

Very Nice texture and scent.

The scrub felt nice.

I was pleasantly surprised by the texture of the scrub, rice, who knew?! I felt it start working on my face within 3 circle movements. I really like to get a good exfoliate, so I scrubbed for a good minute or two. Rinsed off with warm water and pat dry (with a clean towel...of course)...

My skin looks and feels FAB!

WOW----Now who's that polished and moisturized fresh face girl?! Oh its me!!  I really enjoyed using the  Smoothing Facial Scrub by SimpleSkin. I am going to use my coupon for the moisturizer...I've been waiting to use it, so I knew which to get!! lol

 ** I would like to add the benefits would be greatly amplified by using the whole skincare line together, that is the way products are suppose to work. I will be adding the necessary products, using and posting another review....follow along with me... You can check out what I think of the other SimpleSkin products HERE.

Ok, So I received a sample of the Simple Refreshing Face Wash Gel, just the small one and have used both products together for 7 days now. I have a clean, fresh face with no irritating or break-outs. My skin feels clean, not dry and tight after using the wash. I only use the scrub 2x a week. That is what works for me!!

Thanks again to the SheSpeaks team for allowing me to participate in the @Walgreens @SimpleSkincare Program.

Our Philosophy

What makes Simple experts in sensitive skin? The Simple brand was born in the UK in 1960 and was the first to create a cleansing product with no perfume and no color. This unique positioning was designed to care for even the most sensitive skin, as these ingredients are common causes of skin irritation. Today, the Simple brand is the UK's #1 facial skincare range*. Simple has no dyes, artificial perfumes or harsh irritants that can upset your skin. Instead, just our purest possible skin loving ingredients with added vitamins, for natural healthy-looking skin. Offering a skincare range suitable for all skin types - especially sensitive skin – Simple has helped generations of women look and feel beautiful. * SymphonyIRI non medicated facial skincare (units) 52 w/e 3rd Dec, 2011

In the spirit of full disclosure, SheSpeaks provided samples of Simple for me to try. No payment was given and as always, all opinions given here are fully my own.  Any additional compensation I may receive has not and will not influence my opinion reflected in the blog entries.