Celebrate Summer with a Burke Williams Steam Pedicure It’s a Facial for Your Feet

Burke Williams Day Spa offers a luxurious and eco-friendly Steam Pedicure to keep feet soft and toes glowing this summer season. Skilled nail technicians elevate the traditional pedicure with a state-of-the-art steam basin versus water tub and incorporate a relaxing leg and foot massage into the service with top of the line products that will have your feet looking and feeling fabulous for sandal season.

Burke Williams revolutionary Steam Pedicures are like a facial for your feet. Pipeless steam basins hydrate the skin for a more hygienic approach, opening pores to absorb more moisture and nourishing products from the FarmHouse Fresh vegan line. Steam Pedicures are eco-friendly and use one gallon of water per every four services versus traditional pedicures that use 25 gallons of water per service. Choose from an extensive array of colors and add enhancements including seasonal scrubs and masques for the ultimate pedicure experience.

Burke Williams is a haven for renewal and relaxation, and invites you to enjoy a Steam Pedicure in oversized chairs designed to hug your body and enhance your comfort. Sip a cup of tea or lemon infused water and unwind with a lavender-scented blanket and oatmeal pillow to support your neck and relax your mind and body. Pamper yourself from head to toe with a Burke Williams Steam Pedicure.

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