Cal Water H2O Challenge

Cal Water H2O Challenge is a project-based, environmentally-focused competition for classrooms, grades 4-6. Designed in conjunction with NAAEE, the WestEd K-12 Alliance, and Cal Water, and aligned with the Common Core State Standards and complimentary to the Next Generation Science Standards, Cal Water H2 O Challenge offers a unique opportunity for upper elementary teachers to facilitate their students’ learning of standards-based content, while developing the core understanding of environmental principles necessary to becoming science-literate citizens.
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We have lived in California for about 15years now and I have really had to learn about the serious nature of the drought here. Being from back east (Florida) we got rain nearly every day, it became second nature to me. Once we moved, I noticed the lack of rain really taking it's toll on not only our water supply but the landscape as well as the animals...coming in closer and closer to homes and business to gather what hydration they can.

With the CalWater H2O Challenge I am making sure not only our generation but my daughter's and her family will have enough in the future! We make sure to turn the tap off while we brush and use a cup in the bathroom for toothbrushing, use washer water for our garden as well as having mulch around plants and bushes to reduce how much water they need and have a rain tub for our lawn. We wait now until our laundry loads are full and only use HOT water when needed for those grimy clothes! 

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