2016 @LongBeach_CC 9.17-18.2016

The Long Beach Comic Con returns 9/17 & 18! Comic Books, Cosplay, Action Figures, Anime & Manga, Gaming. We got your geek!

The Long Beach Comic Con is September 17 & 18,2016.

Comic Books, Cosplay, Action Figures, Anime & Manga, Gaming. 
Whatever your geek we got it!

Long Beach Comic Con and the Long Beach Comic Expo are annual events held at the Long Beach Convention Center. They are celebrations of comic books and pop culture that showcases the exceptional works of talented writers, artists, illustrators and creators of all types of pop culture.

 Our group went as Mortal Kombat
L to R -- Scorpion, Kitana, Sonya, Bo Rai Cho, Subzero

 At Long Beach Comic Con & Long Beach Comic Expo you'll find exhibitors promoting and selling all types of related products, as well as entertaining and educational programs, guest signings and meet & greet sessions with celebrities.


It's Flash Gordon Sam Jones

Make sure you check out all my photos from the 2 day event. 
You can view them HERE

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