Sushi 101 via RA Sushi

Get ready to roll your own sushi! International Sushi Day is 
Saturday, June 18th and we will be hosting Sushi & Sake 101 classes at 11AM. 

Classes include a brief sushi and sake history lesson, sushi rolling lessons, 
sake flight pairings (additional fee), a non-alcoholic beverage, edamame, and miso soup. 

(our location just had sushi, no soup or edamame)

We made 3 types...(not shown close up: Tootsie Maki)


California Roll

Our Class with Chef Joe in the middle

I'm so proud, she did great (better then I did)

They even asked if she would like to work there, when she's older!

This is mine...SAD :( lol 
BUT, I am getting better thx to this class!

In the spirit of full disclosure, I was offered the class free of charge. This is an informative post and not a review of the product/service/event listed above. This post may contain affiliate linking.