BeanBagglz, a 33-in-1 real-life gaming system #ad

BeanBagglz, a 33-in-1 real-life gaming system #ad

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BeanBagglz -- It's like "Cornhole on Steroids"

Introducing the World’s First Interchangeable Beanbag Toss – a Modern Reinvention of Classic Cornhole, with More Games than Ever Thought Possible!

The game is designed to bring new life and entertainment to everything from tailgating, to bars and frat parties, to family cookouts. BeanBagglz incorporates the popularity of traditional cornhole with poker, billiards, golf, football, baseball and many more sports and games making it the most fun and versatile beanbag toss system ever invented.

Creator Anton Riniti, who wears many hats as a serial entrepreneur, a U.S. billiards trick shot champion and award winning magician, felt it was time that one of America’s most popular games got even better. Instead of playing on the same surface over and over, Riniti has created the world's first interchangeable templates that adjust from adult themed games like betting and drinking games for college parties, to family and kids’ games - in seconds.

BeanBagglz, a 33-in-1 real-life gaming system #ad

Beanbagglz is available for pre-order on Kickstarter with early bird pricing starting at just $79. For more information, and to pre-order Beanbagglz click HERE

Beyond it’s 33 tossing game templates, the console also does double duty as a games table. Play chess, checkers or backgammon on one side and flip it over for a game of cards or dice. The surface can also be used for serving drinks and snacks to complete the party.

Approximately 3 feet by 2 feet by 5 feet, BeanBagglz is portable and mobile with 3 inch extra wide rubber wheels and reinforced handles to make transportation a breeze.

Additional features include:
15 built in storage compartments
Light-weight durable plastic
4 adjustable and removable locking legs
15 colorful bags
Works indoors and outdoors
Extremely easy to store
6 double sided game templates
Downloadable score pad

BeanBagglz, a 33-in-1 real-life gaming system #ad

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