#MakeuRemover Makeup Remover Cotton Pads

  • Makeup Remover Cotton Pads Full of abundant cleansing lotion - Momoup moisturizing makeup remover cotton pads in each box(6ml cleansing lotion of each pack) = 150ml cleansing lotion + 50pcs makeup remover cotton pads.[25-pack per box,2-piece in one pack]
  • Sterile storage, hard liquid volatilization - Stores in special independent aluminum packaging [credit card size, 2pcs in each pack] that is waterproof, damp-proof and antifouling, removing makeup faster and safer.
  • Novel finger-cot design, easy to remove makeup - Close fit female fingertip, flexibly remove makeup on tiny parts.
  • Instantly remove makeup, necessity of dawdlers - Completely remove makeup in seconds.
  • Exquisite EPE - Soft, skin-friendly and nice suppleness, hard to drop scraps. With better friction, beneficial to remove attached makeup.

Cali Julz says. ..
I'm usually lazy when it comes to taking off my makeup at night, I know I know you're not supposed to sleep with it on, but sometimes I'm tired and I just crash out. Well not anymore these make up remover pads not only are moisturizing but It's super convenient to be able to wipe off my eye makeup with pads that fit over my fingers. They are not irritating to my eyes and the smell is nice.
You get 2 pads in one pack and then there are 25 packs in a box so I am covered for the whole month which is great. I have no sensitive skin issues so this product is perfect for my face, I'm actually a little bit on the oily skin side and I did not experience any breakouts.

In the spirit of full disclosure I received this item free to facilitate my review.