Telemedicine with Amwell #ad


This is a sponsored post with Mums the Word Network and Amwell. All opinions are my own.


Telemedicine with Amwell #ad

I am sure you have heard how Amwell is convenient, but did you know it’s also cost-effective, only $49 per visit. They are working with the nation’s largest health insurance companies, as well as many of the largest self-insured employers in the US, so there will be a chance they’ll cover the cost.

Literally doctor visits in minutes, online. Ask a doctor for advice and connect immediately with certified doctors, pediatricians, psychologists, and dietitians.

Here I am on my phone waiting to speak with the doctor about a condition, they explain everything as you go, and as this was my first time I thought the process was simple to use.

Telemedicine with Amwell #ad

I had some issues with the video, but I was able to speak with Dr. Catalano, a very nice gentleman, who got some extra information regarding my issue and then advised me of a course of action to remedy the situation.

Telemedicine with Amwell #ad

After the telehealth visit, they automatically emailed a copy of what was said so I had a reference.

That moment someone comes to you with a list unexplained symptoms, check out Amwell!  Need to see someone in person, look for a provider in your area with the handy Amwell find a doctor page!

Cali Julz says…
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