Public Markets..Why we need them! #RBWaterfront

Cali Julz
Recently I had the opportunity to visit two of LA’s Public Markets and totally rediscover what it meant to feel engaged in my community. Being a transplant from back east, Yes, Go Brooklyn! my mom and I were always heading out to our local market to meet friends, get a bite to eat, relax after a long day and even pick up dinner.

First stop was the Grand Central Market a downtown landmark since 1917. We were told some history and given a quick walk thru and then we were let loose to discover all the wonderful vendors!!

This place so reminded me of back home…small yet overflowing with green grocers, fishmongers, Jewish delis, butchers as well as services like a florist and a jewelry shop.
Egg Slut Grand Central Market

We ate at the eggslut, which is really a treat,
I highly recommend if you’re an egg lover like we are!

Grand Central Market

My daughter and I head off in search of new and interesting items as we shop for our produce, which we got some really great deals on fruit that day! The atmosphere is friendly and the staff are all so attentive and very pleasant. I mean really I could spend all day here but alas we must head off….

Our second stop was The Original LA Farmer’s Market which is more of a retail and entertainment complex having a bigger retail marketplace means I can shop more and yet still had the quaint farmers market for produce and specialty items.

The Grove - Los Angeles
Well right away you can see there is fun happening here!The Grove - Los Angeles
Grabbing a souvenir from our fun day at the Public Market.
The Grove - Los Angeles
A trolley…yay
Just another one of many fun things to do here at
The Grove


Like a kid in a candy store…
Yes they have one of those as well!

The Grove - Los Angeles

I found these carts very useful in our farmer’s market shopping later in the day, they make exploring all the vendors quick and easy so I can get what I need and get back to enjoying my afternoon with friends and family.
The Grove - Los Angeles

Such a wonderful afternoon, I just wish these types of Public Markets were closer to me. Here in the South Bay while we do have markets they are usually one day a week and during school hours so the kid never really gets to enjoy all they have to offer.
As a beach lover I would welcome the influx of locally grown produce, meats and more here and think we really need a place where family’s can come enjoy entertainment as well…Like a one stop shop for gatherings, shopping and just relaxation!

I would like to thank The Voices of Waterfront Vitality for starting to make more and more people aware of the need to enhance the Redondo Beach Waterfront and create a public open area where people from all over can come together.

To find out more about the new Public Market in Redondo Beach and The Waterfront project visit to sign up for emails.

In the spirit of full disclosure, this is a personal post about my experience. I am sharing with you and hope you will share as well.