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When it comes to cookies, NEWTONS keep it real and delicious. Ever since the first Fig NEWTONS were made over a century ago, they've been one unique cookie. They've grown a lot since then, and are now about much more than just Fig. So they dropped the "Fig" in their name and are now just NEWTONS. Their cookies are made with Whole Grain and a variety of fruits. Visit your local Kroger store to pick up your favorite NEWTONS flavors like, NEWTONS Blueberry, NEWTONS Triple Berry, NEWTONS Strawberry and more. (Blueberry naturally flavored. Triple Berry natural flavor with other natural flavor.)

Triple Berry Newtons

Take a bite with triple the flavor – with the strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry flavors of NEWTONS Triple Berry.(Triple Berry natural flavor with other natural flavor.)

Cali Julz says...
YUM -- I mean we love the Fig variety, so of course we'd love these!

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