#knifesharpeningsystem for Ceramic/Steel w/ Safety Suction Pad and Grip

Dull knife is a dangerous knife!
Using too much Pressure and not Achieving results is not a Sharp Way of Life. 
System Knife Sharpener is the Best tool for Kitchen, Ceramic, Hunting, Fruit, Butterfly, Pocket and Survival knives. 

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Cali Julz says...
The knife sharpener by System Sharpener is great at sharpening my many varieties of knives, I have ceramic and regular ones...which were super dull but not any more! We used the 2 step process and revamped our knives in a flash. Simple to use, a recommended 5 swipes in each side and weekly after that. The awesome suction cup held on the tile countertop while using and released easy after. 

Step 1: COARSE SHARPENING is suitable for Blunt and Ceramic knives

Using a slight Downward Pressure you will Quickly bring your dull knife Back to Life.
With only three to five pulls Running the Blade from its Heel to its Point you will Remove All Nicks.

In Step 2: FINE HONING you will Polish the knife Edge to Maximum Sharpness in just a few Pulls

In normal conditions it is Recommended to Sharpen your knives Once a Week.
Often it is Enough to just Polish them.
When Knives are Very Blunt expect to use a Bit more Force and Time.
Do not put the System Sharpener into the Dishwasher and Keep out of the Reach of Children.
The Ceramic and Metal Blades may turn to Black which is a Normal Phenomenon! 

Keep in mind that this Sharpener isn't suited for Serrated Blades and Scissors!

 Suction pad design Allows extremely Safe and Stable Sharpening on the counterTop or Table.

Purchase on Amazon $26.75 ships free w/Prime

Ceramic Bond wheel & Diamond Grinding wheel + Suction pad design
- SAFE, simple and Easy to Use for an everyday Kitchen Chef 
- Will NOT CAUSE NICKS in the Blade 

In the spirit of full disclosure, I was given the above mentioned product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review.  This post may contain affiliate linking.