Fresh #SaladContainerCup Shaker with Dressing Container plus Fork

Keep Your Salads & fruits fresh, cool and crispy!
The Best Salad Container on the market
No More Soggy Salads
- Eco-Friendly 100% Recyclable 
- Made With Highest Quality Plastic BPA Free 
- Convenient 2 ounce container for dressing 
- Hand wash to retain The plastic's beauty

- No More Soggy Salads 
- Elegant design is perfect for serving salads without making a mess 
- Easy To Clean 
- Keep Your Salads & fruits fresh, cool and crispy

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The Salad Container Backed By a Lifetime No-Hassle Free Replacement Guarantee

Cali Julz says...
The Salad Container Serving Cup Shaker with Dressing Container Fork is super functional and a great size, you can really fit alot in there! Not just for salad either, fresh fruit, yogurt and more! Another thing I love..they are BPA free so no worries about that! The fork attaches to the container and the dressing cup fits snug on the top..which has a screw top, but may leak a little so keep it 
upright. Taking your lunch to work or for the kids at school heck or even on a picnic this container comes in handy!! 

- Set of 2 Salad Container 
- 2 dressing cups 
- 2 Forks 
- Small: 8" x 6" Highest Quality at Best Price on AMAZON.

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