Silicone #eggring

The 4" diameter allows for enough cooking surface contact for even heat throughout the entire egg ring, allowing whatever you are cooking inside the ring to come out perfectly cooked, and done throughout.
-Easy to clean
-Safer and easier to use that metal or steel
-Deep enough for even the largest eggs
-Perfect for pancakes, and many other breakfast foods
-Make the perfect eggs Benedict
-Works on any flat cooking surface

This 4 pack of non-stick silicone egg and pancake rings by Cornucopia Brands are perfect for creating round English muffin sized eggs.
These rings allow you to become hero of the kitchen when you start making your family their favorite fast food muffin sandwiches at home.
Unlike metal rings, non-stick silicone allows for easy cooking, cleaning, and flipping. No need to take time to clean it between each single egg.

These rings are sold as a 4 pack, giving you enough egg rings to create numerous eggs, pancakes, or whatever you choose, quickly enough to keep the whole family happy!
Add this 4 pack of egg rings to your cart, and take your eggs to the next level!
We know you will be happy, or return for a full refund!

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Cali Julz says...
How cool are these Egg Rings! I mean there is a bit of a learning curve but once you've used them, you get the hang pretty quick! So far we've only used them with eggs, but are excited to try pancakes as well. I like the handles fold down when not in use, so they don't take up a lot of space in the drawer. Easy to use, my 10 yr old daughter had no problems using OR cleaning after!! I Highly recommend these to anyone who loves to cook or eat!

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