#ForFitSake Weight Lifting Gloves Great for stability, control and no more calluses

PREVENT HAND CALLUSES AND RIPPING on your hands. When lifting heavy weights or doing high rep pull ups, the pressure and friction you add onto your hands can cause callus build up and tearing of the skin. The four finger gloves were engineered to only cover parts of the hands that come in contact with the weights rubbing against your skin. 

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The For Fit Sake four finger weightlifting gloves are lightweight, comfortable and covers your delicate palms to prevent calluses and slipping during intense workout sessions. 

Cali Julz says...
The For Fit Sake Weightlifting Gloves re designed to protect your hands from calluses while weight lifting, rope climbing and more. With a four finger design and are cut to cover only the parts of the hand which comes in contact with the bar, they are lightweight and easy to get on and off.  They do  run a bit large, so while I have the "man hands" I could have used a MED instead of LG. Still works great tho! I love the grip on the palm of the glove, gives stability and makes me confident I won't drop anything!!

In your purchase you will receive 1 pair of the For Fit Sake weightlifting gloves. We offer 30 Day 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE or we will replace your gloves BRAND NEW!

In the spirit of full disclosure, I was given the above mentioned product free in exchange for my honest review.