#yumms Gourmet Burgers Grill Mat

If you'd like to transform your outdoor grill into a handy, non-stick cooking surface, the "Yumms BBQ Grilling Mats" will make cooking a breeze by preventing food falling through the cracks... so you can avoid the frustration of wasting perfectly good food. On top of that, you'll also love the even heat distribution (with grill marks) that provides added flavor by cooking the meat in its natural juices...
resulting in delicious food cooked to perfection time after time.

Set of two. . Comes in handy since we have multiple grills! 

Importantly, the food will not become mangled or burnt, and it will be easy to flip over whilst still remaining intact. The primary reason for this is the ingenious non-stick surface that is made from a material similar to Teflon. This surface is both dishwasher safe and hand washable, which makes it effortless to keep clean... and continually reuse over and over again for decades. These versatile mats come in a set of 2 which can be cut and modified to fit any size or type of grill. Plus, for peace for mind, the mats are FDA approved and can withstand heat up to 450 degrees F. As for storage, the mats can easily be stored either flat or rolled up (including the trunk of your car)... which makes them perfect for picnics or any other outdoor activity!

Why Choose Yumms! Grill Mat?

  • You'll be able to stop food from falling through the cracks (no more frustrations from losing food)
  • The special design ensures even heat and easy flipping. (And because it acts like a big pan or barbecue, you can cook almost anything you want.)
  • Hand washable and dishwasher safe
  • Mats can be easily stored either flat or rolled up (or even left in the trunk of your car for picnics etc.)
  • Non-stick surface made from a fabric coated in a material similar to Teflon, which is easy to clean and reusable. (The 100% non-stick and reusable mats make it easy to prepare a meal in a flash... without having to clean up the mess.) 

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