Healthy, exciting, and yummy meals via Modern Table

We understand that life can get a little crazy at times. When it does, you shouldn’t have to compromise nutrition for convenience when it comes to family mealtime. That’s why Modern Table decided to make it easy to bring healthy, exciting, and yummy meals to our busy lives. With their innovative line of all-in-one meal kits, you can easily prepare a nutritious and delicious family dinner in 15 minutes or less. Each kit contains everything you need for a complete meal: bean-based pasta, vegetables, sauce, and a seasoning packet. All meals are GMO-free and made without artificial colors or preservatives. Plus, since the pasta is made from beans, the meals are packed with protein and fiber. 

What is Modern Table Meals?

Modern Table Meals is a line of healthy, yummy, and easy to make pasta meal kits! Everything you need is in the bag: bean-based pastas, dried veggies, sauce + seasoning to customize the flavor to your tastes.

Is Modern Table Meals vegetarian? Vegan?

All our flavors are vegetarian. Two flavors, Southwest and Teriyaki, are vegan.

With 4 unique, family-pleasing flavors, Modern Table Meals will instantly become your favorite go-to for a quick and tasty family dinner. 

Where can I find Modern Table Meals?

Check out our store locator to find a retailer near you. No stores near you? No fear. We’re online too!

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White Bean and Broccoli Noodles w/ Teriyaki sauce

Our Family loves it!

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