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Confused about LED lighting technology?

Incandescent and other traditional forms of light have been a part of our lives for over a century but are inefficient and expensive to use. Cree LED Bulbs look and light like the traditional bulbs you use today, but work better, pay for themselves and then pay you for years to come. Learn more fun facts about the history of light, technology, lighting legislation and why switching to LED lighting makes more sense now than ever. http://creebulb.com/

What is a lighting facts label?

To help consumers understand light bulb efficiency, the Energy Independence and Security Act legislation directed the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to change its current labeling requirements for all medium based general service LED bulbs. The Lighting Facts label helps consumers base their purchase decision on the brightness (lumens) of the bulb and cost of operation, instead of wattage. The label is an industry tool to help buyers evaluate product performance against manufacturer claims.

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