Get the look with #LegendTruckerHats

  • You don't have to be stalking prey in the bush to enjoy camo colors. Low-key yet on-point, these hats always attract the right kind of attention and prey. Deer Hunting, Fishing or Simply Looking For An Awesome Birthday Gift For Him, These Camo Hats Are On point!
  • Durable, stitched construction can resist a variety of forces, including: tearing, washing, abduction by space aliens and insults from haters. It's like you're own personal body guard sitting comfortably on your head. Camping Will Never Be The Same!
  • Your brain generates tons of heat, even when you're not thinking about cool comebacks or awesome new dance moves. Why not cool down with this mesh backing? Posh-yet-minimal corded brim sets the perfect tone for nights of partying, classy intellectual discussion and seduction alike.
  • Smooth front helps you retain maximum aerodynamic speed while racing for access to refreshments. Lightweight material reduces neck muscle strain, making it easier to chew if the refreshments are tasty.

Cali Julz says...
OK, so this hat is not only good for wearing while hunting, but you see all kids wearing some sort of camo incorporated into their fashion. The hat is well made using quality materials and sturdy stitching, has a super cool bright base color, breathable mesh which lets my head and hair stay cool and an adjustable adjustable band in back for those with larger heads!

In the spirit of full disclosure, I was given the above mentioned product in exchange for my honest review.