Opal apples ~ The Non-Browning Apple #imabzzagent


They may not be available year round, but from November until March, bright yellow Opals® are the apple of our eye. We love them for their flavor and texture (sweet and tangy, with just the right crunchiness), but the fact that these non-GMO apples are naturally non-browning is what makes Opals® truly incredible. 
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  • Opal® Apples arrived in the U.S. in 2010 and are grown exclusively in Washington at Broetje Orchards 
  • Known as the apple with a purpose, a portion of Opal® Apples’ sales goes to their Youth Make a Difference grants, which support youth-led non-profits involving food, nutrition and agriculture 
  • While Opals® are amazing in any kind of recipe, we prefer them raw (why mess with a good thing?)


Cali Julz says…
I had never heard of Opal Apples before this campaign. They are priced affordable for being organic. The kid and hubby really liked the taste and I love they have no pesticides or chemicals in or on them. Another great thing about these apples is that they did not turn brown on me like most do. They kept their color and crunchiness. Super juicy & stay true to their color!


Click here to find Opal® Apples in a grocery store

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