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Sampling Kit

Harvestland believes that all families deserve to eat well, and they know how important it is to provide fresh, wholesome food to your table. That’s why they created a brand of chicken, turkey, and pork products that are pure and simple, just like our ancestors would have eaten. Harvestland adheres to very strict USDA Process Verified guidelines, and ensures that their family farm-raised chickens, turkeys, and hogs are fed an all-vegetarian diet with no animal by-products and are never given antibiotics, ever. With Harvestland, you can make a natural, healthy, and budget-friendly choice that the whole family will enjoy.

HARVESTLAND® antibiotic-free meat is pure and simple, like your ancestors would have eaten.
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By the numbers

Came out great!
Cali Julz says...
We had some issues finding the meats out here in the West, they mainly stick to the East coast. The chicken was tasty to say the least and baked up juicy!! We were hoping to try more of their brand but what we did sample made us take stock of what we are feeding our bodies!! I will be in contact with my  local grocery manager to see if we can get some Harvestland there!

In the spirit of full disclosure, greenmomsmeet.com provided samples of Harvestland for me to try. No payment was given and as always, all opinions given here are fully my own. Any additional compensation I may receive has not and will not influence my opinion reflected in the blog entries.