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Time. It's your most precious commodity. But in a world of ever-increasing digital distractions, how do you manage all those calls, tweets, texts, posts and emails? COGITO CLASSIC puts you back in control of your time. It's a connected watch for those who want to bring balance to home, work and social communications. It's a solution for those who believe life should be enjoyed, not interrupted.
COGITO CLASSIC brings together the power of a connected watch with the sophistication of a precision-crafted timepiece, merging classic analog movement with a lucid digital display. 
When linked with the smartphone or tablet app, COGITO CLASSIC allows you to cut through the digital noise by customizing settings based on your priorities and selecting which notifications will appear. On the watch face, you can see who is calling and decide whether to answer or mute it [with Android] . COGITO CLASSIC frees you from continually checking your phone.

**Actual colors may vary from the color on your screen due to your monitor's color settings.
Also works with other Android phones, for a complete compatibility list, click here.
Our products and services are optimized for mobile devices powered by the leading platforms, both iOS7, Android 4.3 or up, and the leading brands including Apple, Samsung and HTC. 

Cali Julz says...
How sweet is this! I mean..Arm Candy that's a watch, handles my messages and keeps me up to date on on my Social Media posts!! The Tech Lover in your life will most defiantly BEG for the COGITO Smart Watch under the tree this year!

So you can make that happen and SAVE at the same time!
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