@QMDarkHarbor Media Preview 2014 #qmdarkharbor #evillurkswithin


@QMDarkHarbor Media Preview 2014 #qmdarkharbor #evillurkswithin

The Halloween treat is now lurking about the LBC, on select nights, through Sunday, Nov. 2.

There's a scary storyline, too, that ties into the ship's history: Graceful Gale, a passenger from the 1930s, is the star, and where she went -- if she left the ship at all -- is one of the screamy themes of the attraction. Is that Gale, shimmying across the Queen Mary's dance floor? Be careful which way you look.

Other areas abound around the ocean-liner, including the new B340 maze, which follows a 1940s passenger on the ship.

And the Exclusive Encounters "will take a very limited number of thrill seekers on a terrifying top secret paranormal journey through the depths of the ship," a night-frightening nook "that has never been open to Dark Harbor guests before." via NBC