Kupp ~ It's for kids!

The inspiration for the Kupp’ sprang out of the company owner and founder, Kate Oliver’s very own kitchen. Kate designed a set of colored glasses for her boys, hoping to reduce the use of plastic and to encourage them to re-use and take ownership of their drink ware. She noticed immediately that each child took immense pride in their cool kid’s cup and that it became a part of the meal, both in use and as a conversation piece. The Kupp’ instills a sense of property and an early work ethic in children that can make life that much easier for busy parents. While raising children isn't always easy, a few great products like a reusable kid’s cup can help.
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Cali Julz says. .
this is a terrific product not only for the little ones learning how to use proper drinkware but eco-friendly as well! I'm impressed as to the functionality and the thought behind the design process. It is a well made product and I highly recommend it to anyone.

Kate is looking to bring this same sense of harmony to households across America by offering fun and carefully designed personalized glasses for kids. Hopefully, the Kupp’ will help parents move away from the ongoing task of organizing their child’s daily routine. Parents can feel great about the Kupp’ knowing it’s a safe cup for their kids to use on a daily basis.
By providing a color connection, the children are drawn to and become associated with his or her color thus allowing them to be proactive in locating, using, displaying, cleaning and storing their Kupp’. The Katesplace Kupp’ is an object that children can be fond of and take pride in owning. The concept of having a special cup just for them instills an early sense of responsibility toward household goods, which is no doubt welcomed by parents everywhere. After all, children love anything that gives them some autonomy in the house especially at the kitchen table.

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