eSalon Custom Hair Color

For starters, your Made For You Custom Hair Color kit already comes with these color essentials:

  • Hair Color And Developer — Your colorist will pair your color with the appropriate volume developer to achieve your goals
  • Accessories — Coloring your hair is a breeze with non-latex gloves, an applicator brush and stain guard and remover
  • Shampoo And Conditioner — Sulfate-free and packed with beneficial amino acids and proteins to nourish hair and seal in color

  • Tinted Love Color Enhancing Treatment — Previously only available in salons, this professional treatment intensifies, tones, corrects, and re-pigments hair. Containing a unique blend of natural pigments that works on all hair types, Tinted Love is perfect for maintaining salon fresh color between color applications as well as adding additional color to natural hair. Use twice a week or as needed.
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Before eSalon color
Getting some color love!

Easy to clean up messy heads with the Stain Remover pad
After eSalon color

Cali Julz says...

Color and feel of my hair are greatly improved! The kit was easy to create online and i love how it was custom made just for me.  I applied the color to my roots let is set for about 10 minutes, then applied the color to the length of my hair, waited 10 more minutes before the wash out. The end result is great! My hair is shiny, the gray got covered and I got some really nice compliments. 

In the spirit of full disclosure, Bzz Agent supplied a free trial of eSalon, as always, all opinions given here are fully my own.