For over 25 years, MorningStar Farms® has made creative meatless foods that inspire people to eat better and offer up to 74% less fat than ground beef burgers*

*MorningStar Farms® Mushroom Lover's Burgers (64g) contain 6g fat per serving, compared with regular ground beef (64g) containing 14g fat per serving.

What I like about the MorningStar Farms® products is all the options I have, not just burgers

Here is a link to their Recipes:


OK, so Here is my BzzKit containing all the coupons to get started…
Going Meatless


They also have a cool way to get you to try…No RISK!!
It’s called the Burger Back Guarantee – 
They are so sure you’ll love the taste that they will buy you a different burger if you don’t!!

Update 1/29 - My "meat-eater" man has tried for the first time the Spicy Black Bean burger.
He was commenting on how it tastes like a kicked up burger and liked no dripping  
grease when he bites into it. He said it was filling and said
" Could totally see me eating  more stuff like this" I say success!!

 We are trying some breakfast and chicken patty's soon!! Stay tuned for the reviews and pics!

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