Wet Ones Sticky Situations Contest

Sticky Situations Contest
The 2 best tips I am sharing with other Moms
for dealing with sticky situations
  1. Grab some plastic gloves form the meat dept. guy, use them all kinds of ways…use for some “clean hands” finger painting, to use while dusting (so not to get spray on their hands) they have to do chores, right!! , helping cook in the kitchen
  2. Cut a plastic garbage bag up, lay out while the Play-Doh is out and in use, when fun time is over, roll the balls around to pick up leftovers and toss in the trash…Clean up made easy!!

As a mom and a user of Public Transportation I do worry about those, well Sticky Situations out and about!! Wet Ones® Single and Travel wipes are a MUST have in our day to day lives. Knowing I am able to clean up after anything that crosses our fingertips, as it were, allows us the freedom to explore our city…Free of dirt and bacteria. Learn more about Wet Ones® and their products online.

My entry for " Clean Hands" finger painting is in the finals
follow the link below to vote until the 19th - thx

Have your own tips on how to avoid a Sticky Situation…Submit it and WIN

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I just entered, it doesn’t take long at all, here’s the link to enter: sixflags minihttps://www.facebook.com/momcentral/app_248884015238315

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