Wisk Deep Clean - Visible stains are just the beginning.

Wisk Deep Clean - Visible stains are just the beginning. See Wisk Deep Clean help remove hidden body oils and sweat.
wiskThe Wisk brand has a rich history. Wisk was launched in 1956 as the first liquid laundry detergent and ultimate stain fighter. Wisk’s liquid form was incredibly innovative because it offered the convenience of pre-treating and washing without all of the hard work. Before the introduction of liquids, consumers pretreated stains by making pastes out of powder!
In 1968, the brand developed the extremely successful, "Ring Around the Collar" campaign that ran for over thirty years. This campaign capitalized on America’s frustration with those pesky collar stains, and made Wisk a household name synonymous with powerful cleaning. The Wisk "Ring Around the Collar" campaign won many awards, and even still has recall with consumers today! wisk1
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