Barter Trade | BarterQuest


Barter Trade | BarterQuest

Bartering Can Save You Money

By its very nature, barter requires no money. Not only can you exchange an item that you have for something you want, but you can acquire something you need without paying cash.

Trading can save you money by immediately lowering your transaction costs. When you sell an item you can suffer a significant discount below its actual replacement value. When you trade, each trading partner has determined that there will be a fair exchange. By your own reckoning, you will receive something that is of equal value to the item you had. Moreover, in certain cases, trading can have significant tax advantages to buying and selling.

In the long term, by recycling you avoid the cost of constantly adding to what you have. Not only is it wasteful to accumulate unused items, it is expensive.

Sounds great, right…It is. I have been a barter gal for my whole life, so check out what you can barter for!!

Here is something I have up to barter…See if you might want it

2011 Limited Edition Panini Black Friday Autograph Card in MINT condition



In the spirit of full disclosure all opinions given here are fully my own. I posted this fully on my own, so to make aware of this great way of getting stuff you need, sans $$