Food Trucks on the menu tonight.

Our local high school hosts a Thursday night meeting of some really delish food Trucks via Southbay DinDinaGoGo.

I had my first grilled cheese truck "brie melt" tonight from The Grilled Cheese Truck

Brie Melt

What is in that you ask....
Brie Melt (on potato peppercorn bread) Double Cream Brie with Smoked Pork Loin, Peach Preserves and Fresh Thyme......

Tried a new item, Takoyaki, octopus fried balls of goodness w/ ponzu sauce, mayo & scallions.

What the heck is “Takoyaki”???
Osaka!! Without any exaggeration you could probably say, Takoyaki = Osaka and vice versa.
Takoyaki was originated from the streets of Osaka way back in it’s days.
The round shaped shells are made from eggs and flour and on the inside there are octopus pieces and a mix of veggies.
We use a special grill to cook “Takoyaki”, specially made for it.

Grill'm All was burgers...

And Slummin Gourmet had BOMB Sweet Potato Bites wit brown sugar and chipotle....Mmmmm

At another event, We tracked down Royal Red Velvet Cupcakes, the Salted Caramel was my fave, hubby and the kid liked the chocolate berry one.

We will probally be getting these for my little one's 8th birthday in October!! So GOOD!