Tampax Pearl Plastic

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Tampax Pearl Plastic tampons have a smooth plastic applicator and rounded tip for comfortable insertion, plus a contoured Anti-Slip Grip™ to make the applicator easy to hold and position. The Pearl tampon with FormFit™ gently expands to fit your unique shape, and there’s a LeakGuard™ braid to help stop leaks before they happen. Tampax Pearl Plastic has a quiet, purse-resistant wrapper, with easy-to-open tabs.
What is Tampax Pearl Plastic made from?
They’re made from a combination of cotton and rayon— rayon is a natural cellulose fiber found in trees, and it’s actually been used in tampons for more than 25 years! The overwrap, or covering over the tampon's absorbent material, is a common man-made fabric used in tampons, pads, and wipes.
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