güd from Burt’s Bees #gudeebox

Did someone say #gudeebox
The box arrived and how nice is the package.
Right away I feel how heavy the box is and get very excited as I start opening it...

So inside are three Products:

Body Mist, Body Lotion and Body Wash.

Right away I sprayed on the Orange Petalooza™  Natural Body Mist, its a wonderfully light mist that has enough of a smell but is not over powering. It was very lightweight, evaporated quick and didn't have any sticky after feel on my skin.

Next up was the Vanilla Flame™  Natural Body Lotion, A very creamy and rich lotion. And when I say a little goes a long way...I mean it. For a plus size girl, I was surprised as to how little I needed to not only hydrate my skin but cover it head to toe...I snapped this pic, I used the Lotion Bottle as a reference, so you can see how much actually I did use, for my WHOLE body!! The smell is amazing, light and cozy (vanilla) not overpowering or fake, vanilla is a tricky scent. The lotion had great after feel, not greasy, and I didn't have to re-apply thru the day.

And last but not least the Floral Cherrynova™  Natural Body Wash, so I'm not going to snap shower pics..LOL..but the body wash was amazing...Very foamy, love that, and the smell was fresh and strong, for soap that washes down the drain, it had staying power in my shower, but not on my skin, which is nice.

What I really thought was cool, and I can't wait to try, the kit came with a unique card...
"Welcome to our Scratch-n-Sniff-along" I kept reading and saw I was suppose to go HERE and watch a video and "sniff" along with the numbers...Starting with orange petalooza™ at #1 ....

The video was really fun and my little girl and I had fun doing it together!!

Here are the links to the products I am sampling...Enjoy

Orange Petalooza™
Natural Body Mist
Totally unique take on citrus. exhilarating high notes of hyacinth and blood orange.

Vanilla Flame™
Natural Body Lotion
Unique, exotic fragrance. exotic scent of vanilla and rice milk.

Floral Cherrynova™
Natural Body Wash
Smells deliciously creamy and floral. The scent of soft cherry blossoms, creamy almond and milk chamomile conditions your skin.

Get jaw-dropping, stellar-smelling hair, body and skin with güd by Burt's Bees. Our güd natural bath and body products leave you looking, smelling and feeling fresh...

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