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After-School All-Stars
Here is a little bit about Our Program:

Three Pillar Strategy
At each After-School All-Star school site, academic learning support, including homework assistance is provided. After students complete their homework assignments, activities are created incorporating three pillars of program: Visual and Performing Arts; Heath, Nutrition and Physical Fitness; Leadership, Character Development & Community Service Learning.
Visual and Performing Arts
After-School All-Stars, Los Angeles provides meaningful opportunities in a variety of disciplines in the arts ranging from mural art, graphic arts & photography to music and dance. Other unique activities include hip-hop dance, Folklorico dance, film-making classes, fashion design and modeling.
Students plan and produce high-profile culminating events where participants are able to shine in front of their peers, families and communities. The program is also known for its unique approach to multimedia technology, allowing students to have input in the overall image and marketing strategy of the program. Groups of students collaborate in designing class-selection brochures, program posters, event backdrops and general marketing pieces.
Health, Nutrition and Physical Fitness
Recently selected by the Center for Collaborative Solutions as a model program in providing exemplary programming around nutrition, health and fitness, After-School All-Stars, Los Angeles believes that in order for a child to remain physically active, they must be presented with creative ways to live a healthy lifestyle.
The Health, Nutrition and Physical Fitness programs intentionally offer activities that are attractive to students with varying levels of physical fitness, personal preference, past experiences and different skills.
Participants may choose from an array of activities in the areas of performing arts, culinary arts, team sports and non-traditional tournaments. More traditional offerings include basketball, football, baseball, soccer and cheerleading. Other innovative activities include skateboarding, capoiera, track & field, yoga, and fencing.
Each activity works to address fitness and healthy living. Several corporations and small business donors have played a key role in giving our students healthy snacks and enhanced activities throughout the year.
Leadership, Character Development & Community Service Learning
After-School All-Stars, Los Angeles’ highly acclaimed leadership and community service program, The Entourage, is dedicated to helping young people understand the practical definition of leadership, its roles and applications, and the process of identifying and electing leaders for the betterment of their schools and communities.
The project establishes youth councils and/or committees focused on making students active members of their schools and communities, meeting real needs among their peers, their families and their neighborhoods.
The foundation of the project’s curriculum is based on the philosophy of individual and group leadership, community service learning, and personal character development. The program is rooted in the development of leadership through personal discipline and service to the community.