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 Searching for a refreshing, zero-calorie soda that’s good for you? Zevia is the original soda that’s sweetened naturally with stevia, a little green plant whose leaves are 300 times sweeter than sugar.

With zero calories and no glycemic index, Zevia’s a delicious choice for diabetics, kids, expectant moms, and health-conscious families looking for a soda they can enjoy guilt-free. Available in 12 delicious, good-for-you flavors like black cherry, ginger ale, and cola, Zevia is the one soda your family can enjoy guilt-free.

Visit our special Zevia sampling center to read articles about healthy weight loss, get the scoop on natural sweeteners, plus find savings and special offers from Zevia .

Kit has arrived:
Zevia Program Kit

OK, so It's here and I will be hosting our event soon. I am also holding another "adult" event...The receipes looked wonderful and we are going to be making so delish treats!!

Took a poll and these are flavors the kids wanted to try:

the kids are sticking stars by the flavor of Zevia they like the best

Zevia Receipes I prined with coupons attached for guests
Samples are ready....

Smiles all around, going good...

Next flavor--- And Sip...

The votes are IN : Winner - Grapefruit Citrus

Our kids really loved the Grapefruit Citrus, as was the case for the Black Cherry (we samled that after our basketball game) The Orange was quote "OK" and "Not to Good" The parents seemed to be drawn to the Cream Soda...In speaking with some of the parents I noticed intrest in cooking with the product, one in particular was the Cornbread Receipe.

We are also doing a "mocktail" party with receipes like Zevia Guiltless Mojito

Got a really cool PURPLE Zevia shirt...

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In the spirit of full disclosure, MomsMeet provided samples of Zevia for me and my family to try.
No payment was given and as always, all opinions given here are fully my own.