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Welcome to the Tide Coldwater Program!

We're excited to offer you this opportunity to try Tide Coldwater Liquid Laundry Detergent, which is specially formulated to help get clothes clean when they are washed in cold water. Switching to washing in cold water is one small step you can take in your daily life to help conserve energy and save money on your utility bill!


My Therms are Shrinking, My Therms are Shrinking and that's a GOOD thing. Here is my shrinking gas bill thanx to Tide Coldwater...

Still washing COLD and saving $$

Program Kit arrived and I was excited to get washing!!
 LOL who ever says that!!

So here we go...My very first load was the "High Traffic Rug" load. Now I normally go HOT and Warm with the wash cycle, to be honest I am a little old school in my thinking....hot = clean

WOW the rugs were clean and bright and smelled wonderful...yes I thought maybe with the cold water I wasn't going to get that whiff you get after the cycle runs and you open the door...IM weird, I know!! So one load down....the hardest to load still to go...

Dun Dun Dunnnnnnn - The hubands dirty construction clothes !! Yikes If you have ever tried to wash out Drywall or grout or any kind of caulk you know HOT water is the way to go. Ok in go the pants....and now we wait.....Whoa These pants look great :D Clean and ready to go...back to get dirty again!!

I am really impressed with Tide ColdWater and I can't wait to see our savings $$ from having 4+ loads a week in HOT water to ALL loads in COLD WATER!!
THX Tide ColdWater - I'll never have to turn this dial again!!

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So as a Member of SheSpeaks and doing this blog I was given a $50 GC to use at the PGeStore.. And wow, I got some really awesome Futre Friendly products for our house... Tide Coldwater, of course, A swiffer wet-jet stater kit and some toothpaste... thx again SheSpeaks

All this = FREE

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In the spirit of full disclosure, SheSpeaks provided samples of Tide ColdWater and a GC for the P&G eStore for me and my family to try.
No payment was given and as always, all opinions given here are fully my own.