—Sleep Number® Mission—Be Heard. Be Happy.

Unlike other one-size-fits-all mattresses, the SLEEP NUMBER® bed lets you adjust the firmness and softness on each side. At the heart of the mattress are two individually adjustable air chambers. DualAir™ technology features a patented Firmness Control™ system that lets you choose your ideal level of comfort and support at the touch of a button with the exclusive SLEEP NUMBER® remote. Dual adjustability makes the Sleep Number bed a great option for couples. Plus, it’s the only bed clinically proven to relieve back pain and improve sleep quality. You and your sleep partner will wake up refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to face whatever the day may bring.

The best sleep of your life begins with finding your Sleep Number® setting. Somewhere between zero and 100 is your ideal comfort, whether it’s extra firm or featherbed soft. Sleep Number is the only mattress that can meet your changing needs over time. -


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Join this Mission and Receive:

  • New SLEEP NUMBER® bed guide
  • SLEEP NUMBER® bedding catalog with tips to help a variety of sleep issues
  • Instructions on where to find your nearest Sleep Number store
  • A link to SLEEP NUMBER® Facebook page to share with family and friends
  • The SLEEP NUMBER® Information and Sharing Guide
  • Entry into a sweepstakes for chance to win a FREE Queen SLEEP NUMBER® p5 bed set (ARV $2,179.97)
  • Smiley360 card to bring with you to the SLEEP NUMBER® store


  • You MUST visit a SLEEP NUMBER® store and register your contact information with one of their Sleep Experts to receive your personal Sleep Number® setting. Give them the Smiley360 card included in your Smiley360 brand kit.
  • You MUST share your store and product feedback via Smiley360 sharing tools.
  • Upon completing your visit to the store and sharing feedback, you will receive via direct mail a FREE travel pillow, courtesy of Sleep Number!

For questions or comments regarding the SLEEP NUMBER® mission, please contact Smiley360 at