#ChexPartyMixChangeMGT Event Pssst

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UPDATE: THE PARTY KIT ARRIVED!!  See you all soon!!

WOW - The party was awesome!! We made a double batch of PB and YUM Chex mix for the Team!!
See ya on Saturday...

One bowl done!!

Measuring out...

In go the goodies...

All my girls pitching in!! <3 them!!

Filling the to-go containers

Putting stickers on :D
We are handing out mix on Sat after our VB Awards :D...

it was a HIT everyone loved all the differant mixs!! yum

Follow this link to ...

SAVE $1.00 when you buy any ONE BOX Chex® cereal listed: Rice Chex® • Corn Chex® • Wheat Chex® • Honey Nut Chex® • Chocolate Chex® • Multi-Bran Chex® • Cinnamon Chex®

As the event draws near I will be sending a Mass eMail invite!! Looking foward to seeing everyone :D

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