Automatic Electric #Milkfrother

Automatic Electric #Milkfrother
  • Makes hot or cold milk froth for cappuccino or iced drinks, heats milk for latte, hot chocolate and other hot drinks.
  • Carafe detaches from base for easy pouring. Non-slip silicone base.
  • Stainless steel with vacuum insulation helps contents maintain temperature. Heats cold milk to hot in 80 seconds.
  • Non-stick coating interior for easy cleaning.
  • 115 ml frothing capacity and 240 ml milk heating capacity. Heating whisk can be found attached to the lid.

Automatic Electric #Milkfrother $28.99 ships free w/Prime

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#TemperatureGun Non-contact Infrared Thermometer

#TemperatureGun Non-contact Infrared Thermometer

 GreenPro Lasergrip Thermometer guns have been used by major airports and security offices during the 2014 Ebola outbreak. Laser Guided Aim with precision at whatever you wish to measure, thanks to the laser beam guidance feature. Even from a far distance, the laser provides a mark to ensure accuracy every time you make a measurement. Infrared Lens The Infrared lens inside the Lasergrip Thermometer provides temperature readings without the need to touch or come close to anything dangerously hot or cold. You'll be able to effortlessly measure high temperatures, hazardous and inaccessible objects, and even moving targets; such as hot engine parts, cooking surfaces, swimming pools, bath water, wine coolers, hot asphalt, electric bearings, and much more. Specifications 

#TemperatureGun Non-contact Infrared Thermometer

Temperature Range: -50℃~380℃ (-58℉~716℉) Accuracy: ±2% or 2℃ Distance Spot Ratio: 12:1 Emissivity Adjustable: 0.95(fixed) Response Time and Wavelength: 500ms and (8-14)um Repeatability: ±1% or±1℃ Resolution: 0.1℃ or 0.1℉ Storage Temperature: -20-50℃ (-4-122℉) 

Operating Temperature: 0-50℃ (50-122℉) NOTE The measuring surface is about 2cm below the infrared aiming point. When the temperature is beyond measuring range, the LCD will display "HI" and "LO".

#TemperatureGun Non-contact Infrared Thermometer

#TemperatureGun Non-contact Infrared Thermometer $12.99 ships free w/Amazon
Visit the Skas marketing website

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#vati World Famous Buildings Laptops Decal Sticker

#vati  World Famous Buildings Laptops Decal Sticker

Vati Leaves Removable Creative World Famous Buildings Decal Sticker Skin Art Black for 13" 15" 17" Inch Samsung, Lenovo, HP, ASUS, Chromebook, Toshiba, Dell, Chromebook, Acer And Other Laptops

Dustproof, Waterproof, Oil-proof And Fingerprints Prevent.
Super-thin (0.09 mm) And The Image Integrate With The Logo Of Apple Devices.
Precision-Cut, Perfect Fit; Give Your MacBook A New Impressive Looking.
Can Be Easily Removed And Leaves No Sticky Residue, Will Not Damage Surfaces.
Printed On The Best Vinyl Material With Long Lasting And Never Fades. (5-7 Years Outdoors Life).

Purchase on Amazon $9.99 ships free w/Prime

#vati  World Famous Buildings Laptops Decal Sticker

Our sticker is water, sun and oil proof. You can wipe your surface and vinyl sticker clean without damaging it. Its colours won't fade in the sun. If you really wanted to you could probably eat a salad right off it. We coat your sticker in a scratch-resistant, matte-finish laminate that preserves its colours, protects it from damaging substances and enables easy, worry-free cleaning.

This sticker will stick to pretty much any smooth surface you can imagine. Metal, plastic, glass, wood. Laptops, cars, windows, guitars, drums, floors, ceilings, walls, fridges. The list goes on and on!

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#Soapdotclub Peppermint Cream Soap

#Soapdotclub Peppermint Cream Soap

The Soap.Club offers our customers the ability to purchase our amazing soap online or join our monthly membership service.

Soap is our passion. In fact, it’s our only product. We focus on premium quality soap aged up to 6 weeks and made fresh with pure ingredients that will stimulate your senses. The secret is our old-fashioned cold process soap making. Every product is made by hand, starting from stirring the recipe, cutting the bars and even packaging each individual item. Right away, you will notice the soft gentle lather that feels like lotion instead of rough sharp edges that feel scratchy or rough on your skin.

The cold process method of making soap helps enhance the fragrance. Many of the essential oils and fragrances provide the same properties used in aromatherapy and wellness programs. Feel the guilt free, sensual indulgence of our soap.

Buy online https://soap.club/shop-for-soap/ 

Cali Julz says...
I got the Peppermint Cream (see below) to test out. First Impressions, yeah, I wish it had a stronger peppermint scent, but to be fair, I love that smell and really like a strong mint scent. The soap lathered nicely and made my daughter's skin (which has a touch of eczema) smooth and moisturized. 

Peppermint cream soapdotclub

~ Demo and Final Thoughts ~

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Plastic #PeriodicTable

Making learning fun and easy with Easy Study Tools extremely durable plastic periodic table wall chart! The chart is color coded to help students distinguish between metals, nonmetals, and noble gas families, and differentiate types of metals, solids, liquids, and gases from synthetic elements. Each listed element includes the name, symbol, atomic number, and mass of each element for further detail. 

This plastic sign is printed on a 15 mil PVC (not paper) plastic board and laminated for extra durability and thickness. This makes the sign a total of 35mil in thickness! The same thickness as a standard credit card! The corners are also rounded to ensure there are no sharp edges making this chart suitable for all ages. 

Chart measures 17.5 x 11.5 inches (L x H). (L is length, the horizontal distance from left to right; H is height, the vertical distance from the lowest to highest point.) 

This is a great product for: 

    • Classrooms 

    • Homeschool Curriculums 

    • Teacher's Reference 

    • College Dorm Rooms 

Plastic #PeriodicTable $13.99 ships free w/Prime

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Emergen-Zzzz Vitamin Drink Mix Nighttime Sleep Aid sampling @smiley360

Book a first class ticket to Snoozeville with Emergen-Zzzz™! It has melatonin to help you fall asleep naturally, plus vitamin C and other antioxidants** to fortify your super self overnight.* 

Sleep better with Emergen-ZZZ

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With your additional samples, pick some of your friends and family that you think would be interested in Emergen-Zzzz™ and let them try it too! Then come back and share your experience through the Smiley360 Sharing Tools. Why is sleep important to you? How many hours of sleep do you get each night? How was your experience with Emergen-Zzzz™? Which flavor of Emergen-Zzzz™ did you like best? You can upload photos of your nighttime routine and tell everyone the difference it made when it was time for you to fall asleep! 

DIRECTIONS:Take one (1) packet 30 minutes before bedtime, as needed, for occasional sleeplessness. Emergen-Zzzz™ has melatonin that naturally promotes sleep by reducing the amount of time it takes to fall asleep. Melatonin is a hormone made by the pineal gland in the brain that is linked to sleep and wake cycles. Your body produces high levels of melatonin when it’s dark and low levels when it’s light.

For more product information, click here
Be sure to ‘Like’ Emergen-C® on Facebook and follow Emergen-C® on Twitter 

**Antioxidants include Zinc and Manganese
^For occasional sleeplessness
ᶧEmergen-Zzzz is a dietary supplement for occasional sleeplessness
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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@calijulz Daisy Squeeze a Dollop House Party #daisysqueezeparty

You asked, and we listened. Introducing the all-new way to do a dollop!
Daisy Squeeze Sour Cream
Our easy-to-use package dispenses the fresh Daisy sour cream taste you love—with just a squeeze.
Grab a coupon here

~ Party Pack SWAG ~

Tons of yummy recipes for our event
July 4th...stay tuned

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#boxgrater1Easylife Stainless Steel 6-sided Box Grater

#boxgrater1Easylife Stainless Steel 6-sided Box Grater

★ GRATE EXPECTATIONS & GREAT DESIGN. This is ★Imitating Wooden Inspired★ grater to make your cooking little more exciting. When you need to grate more. The box grater easily handles a larger volume of food, which makes it a perfect grater when preparing quantities of ingredients for many recipes.

#boxgrater1Easylife Stainless Steel 6-sided Box Grater

★ NON-SLIP SILICON BOTTOM PROVIDES SAFETY WHEN USING. this grater are very convenient and safe, they work efficiently, you'll love the rubber on bottom of this grater that if you place it on a flat surface it won't slips around and you have to grate straight up and down with your other hand. You can't really hold it at an angle and grate.

#boxgrater1Easylife Stainless Steel 6-sided Box Grater

★ MULTIPLE GRATING SURFACE OPTIONS. Each side features a different grating surface, Shredding options include an extra-fine grater for foods such as parmesan cheese, potato for rostis (SWISS POTATO PANCAKE) and fine chocolate for decorating desserts, zests lemons and limes in seconds, coarse grater for larger cheeses and vegetables, ultra-coarse grater produces large and thick shreds of cabbage, carrots, potatoes or cheese to speed prep time., Parmesan grating hard cheeses, particularly parmesan cheese, shaver, and slicer -- It also features all-purpose slicers-peeler

#boxgrater1Easylife Stainless Steel 6-sided Box Grater

★ DURABLE, EASY TO USE, EASY TO CLEAN. You will love everything about this crate from its handle that is very smooth, rounded wooden inspired that fits your hand perfectly while holding and grating. You will like the fact that you can grate everything from cheeses to spices. it is easy to clean the stainless steel. Just place it under the running water and scrub lightly with a soft sponge. This box grater doesn't required lot of scrubbing with a brush to clean off all of the little holes.

#boxgrater1Easylife Stainless Steel 6-sided Box Grater
$9.99 ships free w/Prime

Visit the Eileen website

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Spend #LaborDayWeekend on the Waterfront with #Matisyahu and #TheGreen

Spend #LaborDayWeekend on the Waterfront with #Matisyahu and #TheGreen

Tomorrows Bad Seeds, Anuhea, Fortunate Youth,
Ital Vibes and Iya Terra 

Added to 5th Annual Shoreline Jam Lineup

Spend Labor Day Weekend on the Waterfront with Matisyahu and The Green

The Queen Mary is pleased to announce the addition of Tomorrows Bad Seeds, Anuhea, Fortunate Youth, Ital Vibes and Iya Terra to the lineup for the 5th annual Shoreline Jam Festival September 5-6 at the Waterfront Event Park. Matisyahu is set to headline the Labor Day weekend festival on Saturday, September 5 and The Green will close out the stage onSunday, September 6.

Tomorrows Bad Seeds, “leaders of the new school” is a five piece American band from Hermosa Beach. Their Southern California influences helped yield their unparalleled sound; A perfect mix of rock-pop, punk-reggae and hip-hop. Their live show provides a high-energy performance that will have you craving more. Since the band’s inception, they have shared the stage with the likes of UB40, 311, Pennywise, Smashing Pumpkins, The Wailers, and Fishbone, to name a few.

Saturday, September 5
The Grouch & Eligh
Tomorrows Bad Seeds
Kimie Miner
Iya Terra

Sunday, September 6
The Green
Stick Figure
Fortunate Youth
Bad Apples
Ital Vibes

Hawaiian born singer, guitar player and songwriter, Anuhea, blends pop and reggae with conscious lyrics to create a style all her own. Her second album "For Love" was released on iTunes on Valentines Day 2012. Amidst the Grammy's and the Whitney Houston passing, "For Love" still managed to hit the #20 spot on the ultra-competitive Pop Charts on iTunes. With five radio singles in rotation in Hawaii, it quickly became the #1 album in the islands. Anuhea has performed with the likes of star artists including SOJA, Cas Haley, Jack Johnson, Ziggy Marley, Taj Mahal and Jake Shimabukuro at the 2010 Kokua Festival in Honolulu, HI.

Fortunate Youth is a collaboration of South Bay reggae stand-outs. Rising from various bands, they've created a phenomenal 6-piece masterpiece bringing fire to the stage, combining rootsy vibes and unique bass lines united with multiple harmonies, boisterous guitar solos, and heavy keys. Their 2013 release, "It's All A Jam", hit numerous charts including #1 on Billboard Reggae Charts, #10 Billboard Pacific Heatseekers Chart, #23 Billboard National Heatseeker Chart along with #1 on iTunes Reggae Charts and #46 iTunes Overall Charts.

The September 5-6 Shoreline Jam artist lineup follows with more bands still to be announced. General admission two-day Shoreline Jam passes are just $85 in advance. Two-day VIP packages are available for just $180 in advance and include VIP entrance, access to an exclusive VIP lounge, 2 drink tickets per ticket holder and free access to the Queen Mary ship on the days of the concerts. For more information and to purchase tickets visit http://queenmary.com/shoreline.

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#bellesentials Sexy Metallic Temporary Tattoos

Tattoos can add to your mystique, set you apart from the crowd and make you look downright sexy, but not everyone wants to go under the needle to get the look of a tattoo. With the Bellesentials Sexy Temporary Tattoos Set, you can fake the look of gorgeous body art and not have to worry about pain or making a permanent commitment to a graphic.

You'll find a total of six temporary tattoo paper sheets with a mix of large and small metallic tattoo designs. The temporary tattoos include silver and gold styles with an eye-catching glitter finish. Each sheet measures 6 inches by 8 inches in size. Among on the sheets are:
- Rose flowers
- Peacock feather plumes
- Star shapes
- Wings
- Henna inspired patterns
- Tribal patterns and more...

All of the designs included are tattoos that look real and tattoos women and girls love. With the large mix of sizes included in the set, you can find designs that are perfect for hand tattoos, arm tattoos, back and side tattoos, ankle tattoos and more. Only the finest of materials are used to produce our tattoos, so they're very long lasting. You can expect the tattoos for last for up to five days and remain as good as new.

BUY NOW - #bellesentials Sexy Metallic Temporary Tattoos
$12.90 ships free w/ prime

With the Bellesentials Temporary Tattoos Set, getting great results from temporary tattoos is easy. The temporary tattoo paper sheets can be easily trimmed to separate the tattoo that you want to apply and application is so simple that it's practically foolproof. Just put the tattoo on your skin, wet the back with a moist sponge, wait 30 seconds and peel off the backing to reveal your sexy new tattoo! If you decide you want to take off your body art early, you can do so with ordinary nail polish remover.
Get all of the style benefits of having a real tattoo with none of the drawbacks! Treat yourself to the best temporary tattoos by ordering the Bellesentials Temporary Tattoos Set today.

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