Lint Remover By #FurzieTV

About The AS SEEN ON TV Furzie® Lint and Debris Remover Brush:
The Furzie works by removing unwanted hair or lint from your clothing, furniture and upholstery. The Furzie is truly a one of a kind Lint and Debris Remover that helps you benefit from the amazing results. No More Lint or Hair!

The Benefits of The Furzie® Lint And Debris Remover
* Innovative and Ergonomical Light Weight Design for Long Term Use.
* Removes Pet Hair, Lint, Fuzz and Debris no Problem!
* Use on Carpets, Clothes, Linens, and Upholstery.
* Designed by a Professional for Long Lasting Results.

Buy the Lint Remover By #FurzieTV $19.95 ships free w/Prime

This tool is specially designed for a lifetime of use. The Ergonomical and lightweight design makes the Furzie the perfect choice for Lint and Pet Hair Removal. Compare our product to any Sticky Roller or Lint Remover on
the Market and find out quickly why the Furzie® is better and provides longer lasting results! No Refills Required. Simply wash and rinse and you're ready to use again.

Cali Julz says...
The Lint Remover By Furzie. Removes Lint, Pet Hair and more! We don't have pets,  but we know people who do, so I take this little guy with me when I see them. Myself I am more of a lint magnet so I am getting great use out of this! Best part, when it gets linty, just wash and refills or sticky paper to try and figure out how to use!

Lint Remover By #FurzieTV

Lint Remover By #FurzieTV
Half done

Lint Remover By #FurzieTV
DONE and Pet Hair FREE

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