Little Black Bag


Fringe Bag!

You're all about effortless style. Your perfect outfit has tailored separates with relaxed accessories. You have been spotted with an eco-friendly handbag browsing through vintage stores for style inspiration. Find out your style... Join me
What IS Little Black Bag??
Little Black Bag is a unique social shopping site modeled after Japan’s Fukubukuro retail events. In our online version, users get matched with merchandise (at up to 70% off!!) that meets their style profile. While we aim to be perfect with this, we allow you to upgrade your merchandise by trading with other users. That’s where the fun begins! Also, coming soon a percentage of users win the "lucky item," which we call the Delight - a new seasonal item from a top brand, usually worth 3-5x the price of your bag. Delight winners are picked at random, so your chances of getting one in your bag are the same each month. We hope to launch Delights in the springtime!