Schick Hydro Silk razor Preview - I got IN :D

Razor arrived...Now time to test it out

OK, Here's the scoop!! I am in love with this razor...NOT only do you really NOT need cream, oil, lotion whatever, the shave itself, razor wise is amazing. Now to start off, let me say that  do have one of those removable shower head things and when I am using the Hydro Silk Razor and am steadily streaming warm water to run over the area I am using it on. With that said, I have NEVER had such a closer shave, all over, know what I am saying (yes, there) Days after, I had no "razor burn" nor did I experience any other problems you might get by not using any of those gel, cream products. The Hydro Silk Razor lasted for a good while, I used it for the month of Feb and shaved everything from arms, legs and pits with it.

So overall what's the bottom line = A great BUY. Long Lasting, Quality shave and for what you get and don't get (extra cost of a separate gel, cream...) Its an all-around winner.

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Schick Introduces New Hydro Silk Razor
It has been a long time since we've seen anything "revolutionary" when speaking about razors, and considering that most of us shave everyday (or try to) we have gone through plenty of razors in our lifetime. Now, Schick is releasing a brand new razor to change the way that we not only think about the brand, but also how we think about shaving. The Hydro Silk razor, which has been in the works for seven years, has been designed to give you the closest possible shave (obviously) but what's different about it is it uses a water activated moisturizing serum that hydrates your skin with each stroke of the razor.
As for the blade itself, there are 5 blades that are called "curve-sensing blades" that move with you as you shave to hug your curves. And if we want to get really specific, the razor also has an incredibly functional handle that not only fits comfortably into the palm of your hand, but also has little notches for your finger to rest on as you slide the razor along your leg -- definitely proved to me that some research went into this thing -- anything that doesn't make my fingers cramp up while I shave is a win!
Senior Brand Manager, Energizer Personal Care, Matthew Rader said, "Shaving is an essential part of the female skincare ritual, but is often overlooked. For most women their beauty regimen begins in the shower by preparing their skin by cleaning it, but also shaving it." He added, "This razor delivers moisturization when women need it most in their skincare ritual, during the gentle exfoliation process of shaving. The Hydro Silk razor takes shaving from just a chore to the ultimate way to complement a skincare routine."
I was able to test out the razor a month or so ago, and have been using it ever since. Although it looks like a razor that many of us have tried before, the serum is truly revolutionary. I tend to not use shaving cream when I shower (I'd rather not spend the time and make up for it with body oils later) but with this razor, you actually don't even need it -- I was shocked. If you're struggling with dry skin as the weather gets colder, this is definitely worth a try. But, keep in mind that you'll want to change the cartridge when the serum runs out (about 8-11 shaves). Schick Hydro Silk Razor will be available in stores January 2012

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In the spirit of full disclosure, Schick provided samples of Schick Hydro Silk razor for me to try.
No payment was given and as always, all opinions given here are fully my own.